Binary thinking

Boulama K.
by Boulama Kandine
Oct 05, 2020 — 2 mins read

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Binary thinking got to be the most dangerous thinking process ever. Not everything is yes or no or black and white. Learn how to see through the dogmas, and challenge them. Having such a powerful brain and allowing binary thinking is such a waste.

Binary thinking leads us to see the world according to the law of "all or nothing", to be "against or for [something]", "kind or harsh", "easy or hard", "happy or sad". For some reason, we fail to recognize all of life's shadowy areas. All the things that cannot be put in a box, all the paradoxes, all the unknowns, and those things that are difficult to express in words.

Binary thinking also gives us the illusion that we have the answers to all of life's questions when, in reality, we don't know. Engaging in this type of thinking can cause a lot of unnecessary problems in your life.

When we only see things such as 0 or 1 or black & white, we deprive ourselves of the different alternatives we have to see the world. Yet these other points of view can be just as good if not better than our current view.

Binary thinking often creates a false choice between "A" and "B" when a multitude of choices can be more accurate and useful points of view.

Binary thinking not only hurts us, but it can also affect the relationships we try to build with other people. When we look at the world too strictly and too simplistically, we are less inclined to compromise and cooperate with others to meet common interests.

Again, it is because we do not recognize the grey areas in life that we believe everything has to be this way or that way. We are, therefore, unwilling to deviate from this narrow view of the world.

People are often put off by people who always think they are right or what is right, and therefore have dogmatic opinions about the world. If you want to build stronger and healthier relationships or simply live a better life on your own terms, try to be more flexible.

If we recognize that we don't know everything about the world, we can start to learn new things and change our habits.

Binary thinking comes with the assumption that we always know where to go and when to go. But the truth is that we don't know. Sometimes new information and experiences allow us to adjust our choices. Without this open-mindedness, we will always be trapped within our own limitations.


Cover Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

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