Boulama K.
by Boulama Kandine
Mar 07, 2019 — 2 mins read

🗂 Thoughts

I often think about what makes us chase what we want, and what keeps us afloat even when nothing seems to go our way. I came to the conclusion that it is what is so called faith.

We all fear death, what makes us relativize this fairly scary event is the belief that (if we behave accordingly to our religion) we may go to heaven, though we are not sure: this is faith.

Faith can’t feed all losses. We often think that losing something means that it wasn’t the right thing for us anyway that greater rewards are waiting for us down the line.

It is often true, but in most of the cases not. In certain situations like when it comes to opportunities, there are lifetime opportunities that shall be taken. People often miss on lifetime opportunities and comfort themselves by saying that it wasn’t the right thing for them anyway.

Lifetime opportunities present themselves with great sacrifices that often seem unreasonable to pursue. This is where faith comes into play. As humans we value so much security and status that this is the main cause of missing opportunities. We tell ourselves that following a certain path is what we are meant to do, and when missing on lifetime opportunities, it comes back to comforting ourselves with faith. The faith that we deserve better anyway, and that the missed opportunity was just a simple distraction.

Faith is this thing within us that makes us relativise everything that happens to us — sometimes for the better. But often times, faith just hide from us the painful truth that might be hard to swallow.

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