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Why mental health and Psychotherapy, in general, are taboo in Africa?

22 Oct 22 | 2 mins read

In African countries where mental health and psychotherapy are taboo, there are often specific reasons for this, such as a lack of awareness or understanding of these issues, or a belief that these issues are not relevant to African culture.

Binary thinking

05 Oct 20 | 2 mins read

Binary thinking gives us the illusion that we have the answers to all of life's questions when, in reality, we don't know. Engaging in this type of thinking can cause a lot of unnecessary problems in your life.


07 Mar 19 | 2 mins read

I often think about what makes us chase what we want, and what keeps us afloat even when nothing seems to go our way. I came to the conclusion that it is what is so called faith.

Le problème de l'aide étrangère

06 May 18 | 7 mins read

Pourquoi les pays accordent-ils des aides et comment pouvons-nous donner un sens à qui donne de l’argent à qui. Les pays ont-ils un moment de culpabilité pour leurs méfaits avant de revenir rapidement à une compétition féroce?